Save Me Again

Rhino is thinking about what she will do next (academic) year.  Right now she is hoping to do a year with Americorps.  She found a program that deals with poverty and environmental preservation and (the and is very important) does not require applicants to have graduated from high school.  

I have begun to wonder if Rhino will ever graduate.  She is finishing the first semester of AP Bio this morning, nearly a year and a half after she began.  She has done exactly one lesson in precalculus.  She has done half of the first of 5 units in Spanish.  I’m not sure what she has done in AP English.  I do know that I bought her some books on CD that she could put on her ipod to listen to in odd moments or when she was cleaning or such.  She did load the first CD of Jane Austen’s Emma, which is about 80 minutes long, and I know that she did listen to at least 10 minutes of it after assistant directing the UU Christmas Eve Pageant.  To her credit, she did finish the first semester of AP Euro more or less when she was supposed to.  But one out of five ain’t good.

This is becoming a tired litany, I know.  Maybe some part of me believes that if I keep blogging about it, a solution will miraculously arrive.  

Or perhaps Rhino will finish homeschooling the way many homeschoolers do—with the informal recognition of deciding to be done.

Because no deus ex machina seems to be arriving.