Oh my god…it’s ending!

Rhino finished the last of her graduation requirements yesterday, which was awesome because it’s been over 100 degrees here, and it gave us another excuse to go out for dinner.

For all practical purposes, Rhino is now vegan.  One of her doctors thought that cutting dairy from her diet for at least three months might alleviate her cyclic vomiting syndrome, and in testament to how much Rhino hates vomiting, she has given up dairy. This includes pizza and ice cream.  Rhino finds sorbet an acceptable substitute for ice cream, but she does not find pizza without cheese to be an acceptable substitute for pizza with cheese.  She’s perceptive that way.  

In any case, we went out for Indian food.  But I digress.

A few days ago, we went down to Washington, DC and moved furniture into Rhino’s new house.  She does not know what room she will be living in yet, so the furniture is sitting unceremoniously in the “second living room,” which will actually be used as a bedroom.  And actually, probably her bedroom since she gets last pick on rooms, as she was the last person to join the house.  Rhino’s furniture consists of the following:

  • a night table we bought for her at a craft fair when she was 4.  It is painted purple and green.
  • her father’s dresser from his childhood bedroom.  Mr. A’s parents were never big on material objects, and the dresser’s durability is one step above cardboard.  The drawers fell apart when we moved it, but Mr. A and studmuffin Twister put it back together with Liquid Nails glue and a hammer that Rhino won when she was on the zoo’s exhibits projects team.
  • a fold-up couch/bed from Ikea.  This is a metal frame with a foam mattress thing with a seam down the middle so it will fold in half when the frame is upright.  This is intended to serve as Rhino’s bed.  She complained bitterly because at one point, a cat barfed on it.  Plus, it was the cheapest model Ikea had at the time, so it’s probably not very comfortable.  We told her that she is welcome to procure a bed from freecycle or trashpicking, and she decided the cat-barfed-on Ikea unit was preferable to any labor on her her part.
  • a low square table.  This was also from Mr’s A’s childhood room.  I have no idea what it’s original intent was, but I’m sure Rhino’s intent will be to pile huge stacks of mixed up clean and dirty clothes on it.
  • a side table that Mr. A and I trashpicked in Boston the year we got married.

We also brought down a large cardboard box full of tampons and vegan nut bars.  I hope none of this burned up in the great flurry of illegal fireworks that the neighbors were setting off in the street.

Then Rhino came home, finished her last Financial Skills assignment, wrote her last AP English essay, and took her last AP English exam.  Despite completing exactly one course all school year (AP European History), she manged to complete three classes in less than 2 months so that she could graduate and do City Year.  

She still needs to finish the second semester of AP Biology, which I am only going to mention once right now before going into the other room and screaming into a pillow.  She also needs to finish Spanish III, for which I think she still has to complete nearly the entire years’ worth, and the semester or precalculus that she began with my dad, though she has not yet completed unit one.  She also plans to take the second semester of AP English.  While I am sure colleges will appreciate these additions, she does not need them to graduate.  This is a very, very good thing, as Rhino will now be working a 50+ hour week, and since she was apparently only able to do one (two-semester) class during the school year, somehow I think that completing an additional 5  semesters of coursework is going to be—shall we say elusive?  Unobtainable?  Preposterous?  In any case, I doubt it will happen.

Still, she won’t be living here any more, and so there will be little whimpering on the puppy-chewed love seat in the living room, and we will no longer hear the stomp of her dainty Rhino feet upon the stair.  I have hated almost every moment of homeschooling, and I have to say it is a relief to me that we got her through the essential part of it and it won’t be part of my daily life any more.

But damn, am I going to miss her.