I handed back midterms today, and Rhino’s score was the third-highest in the class.  She has spent the whole semester claiming not to understand anything, but apparently her standards of understanding are higher than mine.

On another note, it turns out that we are supposed to supply our own balloons and yeast for AP Biology.  These are considered common household items.  Unlike rubber bands and plastic bags.  Because everyone bakes bread, but no one makes sandwiches to take for lunch.

Anticipation Unworthwhile

So Rhino is finally ready to start her first biology lab, which means that the thrill we’ve all been waiting for is finally upon us…we opened the biology lab boxes!  I can now report with absolute certainty that there are no roly polies, alive, dead dessicated, or otherwise contained therein (if you want bug parts, apparently your best bet is powdered infant formula).

Unfortunately, there are other things not contained therein either.  Like two of the components of the lab Rhino is supposed to do.  These would be balloons and yeast.  We are actually in possession of both of those things, but Rhino feels that the lab might require special kinds of balloons and yeast.  The box did contain other very exciting things that we spent $95 for, including rubber bands and several empty plastic bags.

Rhino is now planning to contact the North Dakota ISHS, but unfortunately she began the lab on Sunday (when no one is in the office, as Rhino found when she called).  And of course Noth Dakota does not run on Eastern time, so now that it is Monday there is still a delay involved.  This delay could have been filled with AP Environmental Science, but I have the feeling it was instead filled with Facebook.

We originally had high hopes that the second box would contain the missing balloons and yeast, but it turned out that it contained a textbook.  Rhino is very happy about this because the original (used) textbook I ordered from Amazon is marked up a lot and its cover is falling off.  The person who sold it to me was supposed to issue a refund, but I don’t think he did.  I’m not sure if I paid for the new, boxed one or not or if was sent inadvertently, and honestly, I don’t have time to deal with either issue because what little time I could spend dealing with such things I spend blogging instead.

What I am sure of is that I paid for yeast and balloons and that my heart swelled with the anticipation of opening the boxes and seeing Rhino do an actual lab.  Sometimes it’s better not to be surprised.